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The Basilica of S. Eustachio, due to its strategic position, is one of its gateways.

Famous world over for its harmonious combination of sea, cliffs and human settlements, the Amalfi Coast conceals natural treasures of the Lattari Mountains.
The Basilica of S. Eustachio, due to its strategic position, is one of its gateways.
Considered one of the most beautiful ancient structures in southern Italy, in a strategical position dominating the whole coast, it is located in Scala, the oldest and most noble town on the Amalfitan territory. A sacred place, where the beauty of nature is awe-inspiring.
The scent of orange and lemon blossom enhance the panoramic views from the terrace of the ancient ruins which conserve the original architecture of the basilica’s exterior; a place where nature, history and culture coexist.
The property is located on a hill with 150 easy steps from the road, in the village of Minuta, only a short distance from a quiet scenic square, set of many international films as well as site of  the beautiful 11th century Church of the Annunciation.
The Basilica is perfect for medium-sized weddings, up to a maximum of 100 people, and also provides the possibility of celebrating civil or symbolic wedding ceremonies.
With our professional experience and inspiration, we can assist you in planning your event; we shall take care of all the details and, with our dynamic know-how, offer you insight into the traditions and uniqueness of our territory.
Imagine going down the steps leading to the basilica on the back of a donkey, with a coachman in medieval clothes, with folk music accompanying you on the  path to an  earthly paradise.
Imagine, then, a table set with stunning floral arrangements, fabrics, candles and decorations, a reminder of the charm of an ancient noble palace of Medieval times.
And imagine eating in the main nave of the basilica surrounded by its imposing marble columns and in the background the rhythm of jazz or swing. Imagination gives way to reality in this venue.

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