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On the plateau of Santa Maria dei Monti (m. 1050) and at the source of the Vrecciaro

EE itinerary (expert hikers):
Departure from Scala Santa Caterina. From here, go up the CAI path n. 53, which leads to the refuge of S. Maria dei Monti. From here continue along the “01 Alta Via dei Monti Lattari” path to the Acqua Vrecciara source. After admiring the splendid landscape of the Gulf of Naples and Vesuvius and having refreshed yourself with the tasting of typical products, we start downhill towards the Valle delle Ferriere, along the Ceraso aqueduct (which supplies the cities of Scala and Amalfi) . From the locality of Ficanoce, continue along the CAI path n. 57, which winds above the Valle delle Ferriere, to reach Scala in the Minuta locality and then Ravello.
N.B. The route is reserved for expert hikers (equipped with hiking boots and trekking poles), in particular for the downhill stretch from the Acqua Vrecciara to the Valle delle Ferriere. The alternative for the less experienced is to return to Ravello by retracing the easiest route made on the way.

The plateau of Santa Maria dei Monti, located at 1050 meters above sea level, dominates the towns of Scala and Ravello and part of the coastal villages. The place, known above all for its scenic beauty, is also noteworthy for another of its vocation, that linked to religious worship. The area, in fact, throughout history has been the site of a hermitage, which was a pilgrimage destination for Sant’Alfonso Maria de ’Liguori. During his stay in Siena he often went to Santa Maria dei Monti, where he would gather in prayer in front of a wooden statue of the Virgin there. The area, in fact, for some time was the seat of the cult of the Madonna, which attracted pilgrims from all the neighboring villages. On the hill a small church had been built, which, however, was affected by several damages already during the eighteenth century, caused both by bad weather and by men. Rebuilt several times over time, the former church is now a refuge for those passing through these places.

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