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The beautiful of Pontone

The hamlet of Pontone is officially part of Scala, in the hills above Amalfi. It is close to Ravello and the old town looks over at that famous town high above the sea. The compact town center of Pontone is one of the prettiest hill towns on the Amalfi Coast, with a lovely little piazzetta that has cafe tables and a cute church. There is a bubbling fountain, narrow lanes, and stellar views from the overlooks.

You can arrive by car, or walk from Amalfi by going up the Via delle Cartiere and then the steep path with 750 steps to reach the lofty village. You’ll enjoy a good work-out with breathtaking views and a unique experience. There are some excellent restaurants in Pontone to reward you for the exertion. Don’t miss the poignant ruins of the Basilica of Sant’Eustachio, a fable-like sight with its skeleton of walls punctuated with pointed decorations, columns still gripping to the exterior.

Pontone was a nobles’ retreat in the Middle Ages and you can still see some of the residences they built on the rocky bluff. Wander the old town’s pedestrian lanes and soak in the atmosphere. The town is outlined by lemon groves and chestnut woods, with sunny arbors of bright bouganvillea all around, and a few medieval watch towers scattered around the terraced hillsides. This is excellent spot to set off hiking, returning for a good meal afterwards.

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