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A beautiful Church, San Lorenzo

Approaching Scala from Ravello, the Church of San Lorenzo, a former Cathedral, has all the charm of a set of grain silos. That is to say, one sees the circular forms of the Apse and Apsidioles topped by a tiled roof. Arriving at the front, it is more easily recognized as a Church, though it is still relatively plain and lacking adornment. It faces a small piazza through which the main road through Scala runs. A fountain, large but lacking ornamentation, stands in front of the Church.

Scale, whose population once reached some 36,000 inhabitants, now has only about 1,500 permanent residents. The loss of population led to the Church losing its status as a residential See. It remains the main church of Scala.

The Church is impressive. Beautiful paintings adorn the ceiling, telling of the life of Saint Lawrence (Saint Lawrence). The tiled floor is decorated with cherubs and flowers. The floor shows signs of wear, with many tiles chipped and stained.

The Church was originally built in the 12th Century, but has been extensively remodeled over the centuries since. A long and cavernous vessel Flanked by the ornately-decorated vaulted ceiling, flanked by two aisles. The High Altar in the Apse, and the side Altars in the Apsidioles are ornate. There are sides Altars along the Aisles, facing the Ship, as well.

At the end of the Church, though in need of some restoration, it is well worth a visit if you are in Scala.

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